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We cuddled in the bed

They on top

I, underneath

Huddled on a cold lump of nakedness

My pride looking on with undisguised shame


She sighed with sated passion

Wishing the night would not end

I sighed with unbated passion

Wishing the night had never begun


He heard both;

So a sated


Tremulous sigh

He sighed


A frail attempt with one sound

To underscore hers


Undermine mine


And for a tiny second, all was quiet…


And for a slightly less tiny series of seconds,

All was not quiet…


Then for an unending second…


Our eyes met

The naked woman on top

The naked one underneath

And the man

The naked man

Enshrouded in an unclothed lie.

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    1. I thought it was too but on closer scrutiny it is clear that it’s just ‘her’ and this chap. She’s underneath, but she would rather be on top. Her pride is the one on top looking down on her (in more ways than one) showing her how much more enjoyable it would be on top. If she was on top her passion would be sated!

      Moral of the story, women prefer to be on top.

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