The Last Possible Minute

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In the dying hours of 2016, I penned a vow to myself; a public one at that – No more procrastination.

Well, it’s the 4th of June and I’m proud to announce that my performance has been nothing but stellar so far…I’ve done everything on time, or you know, within the ‘time frame’ I intended to do it. What’s a few minutes here and there?

For instance, my alarm is set for 4.20am on weekdays. I know, and my phone knows that I have no intention whatsoever of waking up at this time. Of course once in a while, I actually get up on the first ring.

Scenario 1: PowerPoint presentation first thing in the morning and I didn’t get a chance to prepare it because…well, because the flipping weekend just beamed right past me! It’s not like I spent all weekend getting cozy with the housemates at Graceland. Honest. I just woke up, yawned a few times, next thing I know it’s a few hours to Monday morning. So I wake up on the first ring, because visions of an angry Boss are not exactly lullaby material.

Scenario 2: Morning flight to catch and of course I didn’t pack last night because…well, because I hate packing. Besides, it’s only 5 days in Homabay…so I’ll just ‘toss’ my well packed toilet bag, a few corporate t-shirts and pairs of jeans into my safari bag and I’ll be good to go! Plenty of time to do this in the morning. I’ll be up way before my alarm. Visions of missed flights? Way scarier than angry bosses! I like the security checks at the JKIA, but when you are pacing impatiently between mini heart attacks because your cab is just lost in the myriad of cars awaiting their security check, you begin to really question the system. And if sweaty and out of breath, you finally arrived at the check-in counter five minutes after it closed, you know you’ll never oversleep again.

There is no ‘time frame’ in scenarios 1 and 2. Only time.

Scenario 3: Normal day. Alarm goes off at 4.20am. My hand reaches out; my thumb finds the snooze button. Half an hour later, repeat action. A whole hour later, I drag my sleepy arse out of bed. No worries. I woke up within the time frame.

Just like I’m writing this post within the time frame. I’m hunched over my laptop, hopeful that I’m leaving behind a trail of fine writing clear of spelling mistakes because…well, because there won’t be time to proof read. Every Sunday, same thing. Of course I know better. I know that disciplined people set ‘internal deadlines’ aka the deadline before the actual deadline.

I do too. Mine is called ‘the last possible minute’. Next Sunday will be better. I’ll set the last possible minute a tad earlier than the last possible minute.

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  1. I’ll consider this a challenge because procrastination has for long eaten my face especially before the bosses. Hehehe,

  2. somehow Sunday afternoon to 6 am Monday morning = 10 minutes of that alarm clock snooze, stuff for time travel physics…tough maths.

  3. I am a time freak. I hate people who don’t keep time, come in late or don’t keep up appointments. however, I always set my alarm to wake up an hour later. I feel like it’s a gd thing…😋…snooze on baby!

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