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I dig deep

Really deep

Deeper still

To the farthest reach of memory

But the reach of mine falls short of the day we met

The moment you first loved me, or I, you

The day I sprouted my first tooth

The second I tried that tooth on your tender nipple

How you kept from screaming so you wouldn’t scare me

My first fever

My first fall

My first jump

Memories I do not have the pleasure of having

Yet thinking of them brings sniffles to my nose

Sniffles hinged on a feeling that transverses space;

A feeling that reaches through time and holds my beating heart in its palm;

A feeling that like a storm, drenches me in awe of you Mama;

Awe of the memories I do not have

The ones I do have

The sweet ones

The difficult ones

The ones I stumble upon like money in a long forgotten shirt

The ones that come to me like a random flower floating in the wind

The ones that pry a smile from my bleeding heart;

The heart that bleeds this paltry tribute –

Tribute, I call it, but really it is nothing –

Nothing could ever come close;

Except perhaps my daily struggle

To be half the woman, half the mother

You are.

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  1. the first 3 lines….i read it with that new clip sound byte doing rounds in mind …ndani ndaaani ndaaani ndaani ndaani

  2. Ooh Sugar, this one blessed me silly. Nicelly put.. You know that love that u can’t explain until u taste living without it. Devine

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