I, Rebel

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The rebel in me can be loud and borderline cocky

She speaks to be heard

Performs to be seen

Taunts and saunters like she hasn’t a care in the world –

Least of all, for your opinion, and his and hers,

But she cares,

She twerks

She gyrates

She pops

Supposedly without a care for your irritation or acclamation

She lies though

I mean –

What use are broken rules if no one knows you broke them?

This rebel, I’m not particularly concerned about –

She is no rebel;

She limits herself to your rules.


The rebel in me can be quiet and downright unassuming

She speaks to speak

She performs to perform

She saunters and unknowingly taunts like she isn’t aware of perception-

Least of all your perception, and his and hers,

And she isn’t –

She revels

She laughs

She whistles

Oblivious to a fault of the eyes that see, roll, light up or arch up

Her ‘Ts’ are dotted, her ‘I’s’ are crossed

But she breaks no rules, she rewrites them –

This rebel, I’m taken by –

She is powerfully scandalous

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  1. She twerks?…Huh? …
    I am silently smiling because i see me in many places. Whistling, popping, rapping.. Lol Ooh, the pleasure that breaking those rules brings, …

  2. I think this is the jewel of the collection. Sassy and bold. Iterative. Basic. An in-your-face boldness that does not break eye contact or blink once. Kudos Martha

  3. Rebel with a cause where the cause is the reason and the reason is the self. A very beautiful way to say keep it real. Even the shape formed by the text seems to take on the gyrating female form. I have this feeling that I might have just encountered a masterpiece but those are not words one uses lightly so I hedge with the conditional tense.

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